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Our photography packages include two stills photographers coverage from the wedding preparations, through the couple shots and the event itself.

We see great importance in creating a physical souvenir of your wedding, this days – in the digital photography age the touch , texture and the possibility of holding a photograph in your hand went a little lost – those are things that we believe should be part of your wedding photography experience.

As part of all of our photography packages, your wedding photos are delivered in a bleached oak handmade box. Each box is similar to another but not completely identical.

Inside the box you’ll find printed selected images from your wedding, held by wooden clothespin which is a USB drive containing all your wedding photos. The box is a decorative item, that can be placed on your coffee table and whenever you want to live again your wedding day – you can open it, touch and see the photos. Over the years the box will acquire a higher value.

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